Montag, 24. August 2009

Why cut blogger my flickr photos?

Has anybody an idea?

I upload the medium size of the flickr photos and at the preview all looks fine, but after publishing the left side is missing :-(


Sara hat gesagt…

Hi Uta, It's because the medium size photo on Flickr is 500 wide when it's landscape format. The maximum width on blogger is 400, so if you edit the code to make the photo 400 wide (and change the height proportionally), it will display correctly.

For example, if the photo is 500x333, you need to change it to 400x267.

Maybe there is a better way, but that is what I do.


toadstooldots hat gesagt…

Yeah, that works! I made the changes direct into the HTML-code.

Thank you VERY much, Sara.


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