Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Jack the Ripper

Beware the paw's! Jack Wolfskin sent cease-and-desist warnings to dawanda - a German based crafty online marketplace (similar to etsy) - and some shops there. They sold things with a paw, nothing like the trademarked wolf paw, sometimes only a cat paw. And also Farbenmix took her "wild-ribbon" off the market. You can find the whole story at werbeblogger or

It's a sad thing that big brands sometimes are really unfair to small crafty people and laywers earn a lot of money (and mostly doesn't spent time with this, it is often only a boiler plate in their software).

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Les Calimeros hat gesagt…

genau ! schön das du davon berichtest ;-)) es wird wenigstens Weltweit drüber gesprochen .
Lg Lili

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