Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

My First Dying

Yesterday I met the dear Sara from willow & moo again as well as the cute Will. Sara gave me some dye, which I won on her blog - thank you, again :-)))
Gestern hab' ich mal wieder die liebe Sara von willow & moo getroffen und auch den suessen Will. Sara hat mir die Farbe gegeben, die ich bei ihr im blog gewonnen habe - vielen Dank noch einmal :-)))
dye and "blank canvas" (seaspread jersey from Spotlight)
... and now I tried it for the first time.
... und dann habe ich zum ersten mal das Faerben ausprobiert.
Not that it would be that perfect as Sara's, but the colours turned out nicely.
Nicht dass es so perfekt waere wie Sara's, aber die Farben sind ganz gut geworden.


willow and moo hat gesagt…

LOL Uta, it probably is more perfect than my dyeing! I try to make sure my stuff looks hand dyed, so it's always mottled.

If ever you want perfect dyeing, dye in the washing machine. I can tell you how to do it if the instructions aren't on the pack. Then after dyeing you run the machine with a tiny bit of detergent on a hot wash to clean it.

Love that purple colour!

toadstooldots hat gesagt…

Sara, don't hide your light under a bushel, your "hand dyed look" IS perfect!

I did it in the sink according to the instructions, I would be scared to do it in the washing machine. I ever would fear that the next white load is discoloured.

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