Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Far West

Hope you all have wonderful spring holidays!
We have granddad from Germany visiting and thought a bit outback would be nice to see.
Now we all have a flat butt as 3000 km are a lot in one week, but granddad is not that good with walking anymore ...
Most impressive are the sunsets in the outback! I swear these pictures are not altered!

Our most distant destination was Broken Hill.
It has a vibrant history as a mining town and now has a lot of art and heritage to see. 
Sure we visited some mining sites...

... and the town itself

And sometimes only the journey that matters...


wunschbunt hat gesagt…

Wow, sehr eindrucksvolle Bilder!


Silke - SauerStoFF hat gesagt…

wunderschöne Bilder!!

Liebe Grüße


kreativkäfer hat gesagt…

Das macht doch Lust auf Australien, wenn ich hier diese Bilder sehe, toll, genießt die Zeit mit Opa!
LG Andrea

*kreative-Haendchen* hat gesagt…

hach wieder so schöne Bilder - danke du Liebe.

glG Heike

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