Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Pacifier Keeper

a quick little present for a new arrival
Ein schnelles kleines Geschenk fuer einen neuen Erdenbuerger.

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Montag, 21. November 2011

Mango Time

It's Mango Time here.
I had to buy this funny Mango at the market.

Our favourite is to make Mango Lassi
Just puree one mango, add around 5 spoons of plain yogurt and a bit of water, that it gets a consistency like a smoothie. Sometimes I add a bit of suger, depends on the sweetness of the Mango and ice.

Then Miss K sings:

Mango Mango Mango, 
I dance the Tango,
in a rich mens world...
(adapted from Abba's Money Money Money)

Freitag, 18. November 2011

Do we have already X-Mas?

Finally it arrived :-)
This parcel took around 5 weeks to arrive from our parents from Germany.
I love these caring stickers!
Endlich ist es angekommen :-)
5 Wochen hat es gedauert bis das Paket von den Schwiegereltern aus Deutschland angekommen ist.
Ich finde diese fuersorglichen Aufkleber total klasse!
It was heavy, really heavy, 30 kg. I feel sorry for the Postie.
But nevertheless it was a very sturdy carton and heavy duty ribbon, the Post managed to get it ribbed.
Es war schwer, wirklich schwer, 30 kg. Der Postbote tat mir wirklich leid.
Aber irgendwie hat die Post es hinbekommen, den wirklich robustern Karton und super stabiles Klebeband kaputt zu bekommen.
But can you believe this? The glass lid of my loved Berndes pot was in one piece. Thank you very much dear FIL for packing that properly!
Aber kaum zu glauben, der Glasdeckel meines geliebten Berndes Topfes ist ganz geblieben. Vielen Dank lieber Schwiegerpapa, dass du so gut gepackt hast!
But I ordered the  padding material by myself, see...
Das Packmaterial habe ich ja auch selbst bestellt, guck...
Lovely knit (now I can make my own tops like Desigual),
Herrlicher Jersey,
some coordinates and soft cotton ric rac (washable up to 60 °C). Does someone know where to get it in Oz? I always can find Polyester one and this is scratchy. 
And now I know how Silicon Popelin feels :-) - very soft, perfect for summer pants.
passende Unis und BW Zackenlitze, denn hier gibt es irgendwie immer nur welche aus PE und die ist kratzig. Und endlich weiss auch ich, wie sich Silikonpopelin anfuehlt. Schoen weich, herrlich fuer Sommerhosen.
And some nice fabric I've got from Hexchenmarie. Thank you so much!
And not that you think it was all for me in that parcel. No! It was something in for everyone from us.
Diese schoenen Stoeffchen habe ich Hexchenmarie zu verdanken. Vielen Dank noch einmal!
Aber nicht das ihr denkt, es war alles nur fuer mich darin. Nein! Es gab fuer jeden etwas.
Much awaited Ice Skates! I've got them from eBay Germany for 1! Euro. I think they are ridiculous expensive here in Australia. Hope they will fit, but for this price it was worth the trial. And actually FIL was asked to bring them in his suitcase for DD for her birthday in October, but that's another story.
Die Schlittschuhe wurden schon sehnlichst erwartet.  Habe sie bei ebay fuer 1! Euro ersteigert - hier kosten sie ein Vermoegen. Nun hoffe ich, dass sie auch passen...
Und ueberhaupt haette das Paket eigentlich mindestens Montag kommen muessen, denn Miss K hatte ihre Eislauf-Geburtstagsparty am vergangenen Wochenende ;-)

Edit: Ice Skates fit perfectly
Edit: Schlittschuhe passen perfekt

Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

Wednesday Walks - Sculpture by the Sea

Yesterday we went to Bondi Beach, where again Sculpture by the Sea takes place.
I got not much good pictures but here are some of my favourites.
It was quite difficult to get pics without people, but how crowded must it be on the weekends?
It was a quite hot and humid day yesterday, although the sun wasn't shining that much. Unfortunately the big tap gave no water.
Here I just have forgotten to take a pic into the direction the deer is looking. It seems I have to return to Bondi to take this photo.

Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Santa's Apprentice

Handmade Canberra gave away tickets for Santa's Apprentice and I won :-))) 
Thanks so much!!!
I think we would go into the movies even I hadn't won the tickets, but now I am sure.
I wish you all a happy festive season!
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